Michael Mishriky '08

Mike Mishriky

When College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture alumnus Michael Mishriky ’08 found out that his firm was going to be working on UHart’s new building for advanced engineering and health professions, he said to his supervisor, “There is no way I’m not going to be on that job.” And here he is, 12 years into his career and four promotions later, working as a superintendent on the new building at his alma mater, sitting no more than 30 feet from the spot on campus where he spent most of his academic career. And this building, which will probably stand on campus for the next 100 years, will house programs and students from CETA, the college that he graduated from. It’s been a special opportunity for Mishriky.

I never really outgrew the sandbox. As a kid I was always interested in construction and materials and I knew I would find a job working in construction, I just didn’t know what exactly that job would be.

When he was looking for colleges, Mishriky wanted something with a construction program, something close to home (Portland, Conn.), and somewhere where he could live on campus and have the full college experience. His dad, Nabil Mishriky ’93, also graduated from CETA. Mishriky was never a student who loved school, but when he joined the architecture program, he really found his stride.

Mishriky had a class with Associate Professor James Fuller, where they regularly visited construction sites around the Hartford area. This experience had a significant impact on Mishriky’s academic experience—and also opened him up to the world of construction management, which he hadn’t fully considered before. On a site visit to the Connecticut Science Center, Mishriky started to really think about the people working on the site and what their careers looked like. He left that day with the project manager’s business card and decided to reach out after the visit. Mishriky landed an internship with the firm leading to a full-time position that began the day after he graduated.

Mike Mishriky
Shortly after starting his internship in the field of construction management, Mishriky realized that it was a perfect fit for him. He loved being on construction sites and working on each stage of a project—seeing a building go from design to reality and contemplating how the functions of a building will impact the community. For the past 10 years, Mishriky has been working on projects in the higher education space that truly make a difference for people Two of the buildings he worked on as superintendent at UMass are primarily lab and research buildings designed to support cancer research. So not only is the construction fulfilling for Mishriky, so too is the output and potential from these spaces.

Mishriky started his career as a field engineer and has worked his way up to superintendent—he appreciates the investment his firm has made in him and, in turn, enjoys mentoring the young professionals on his projects. He understands how precarious the work-life balance can be when you’re first starting out and giving your career all of your attention. Mishriky tries to pass along the lessons he learned as a young professional—practicing self-care and nurturing life outside of your work—to the next generation of construction management professionals. Mishriky has been a regular at career fairs on campus and would like to orchestrate some tours of the site for students this semester as long as it is safe to do so.

It still blows my mind to get somewhere, see a grassy hill, and turn that into a building that will stand for the next century.

The personal connection Mishriky has to UHart’s campus has made this project so special to him. He loves the variety his job offers him and working for a company that sees all visions of construction through, so he can work in a variety of materials. “It still blows my mind to get somewhere, see a grassy hill, and turn that into a building that will stand for the next century,” he says.

Mishriky and his wife live in Marlborough, Conn. They recently celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary and have two dogs. In his free time, Mishriky enjoys golfing, running, skiing and spending time outside at the fire pit in their new home.

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