Keeping Hawks Healthy: Contact Tracing and LiveSafe Health Screenings

September 08, 2021
Submitted By: Office of Marketing and Communication

Contact tracing and the LiveSafe Health Screening are key parts of our plan to keep the UHart community healthy and safe. Please familiarize yourself with the following expectations and protocols.

Contact Tracing

We have hired 14 registered nurses who work seven days a week to quickly and effectively identify contacts, assess concerns, and monitor health assessments. Participating in contact tracing is mandatory for all UHart community members.You must respond to the outreach of health workers who may contact you by email, text, or phone call.

how it works at Uhart

A team of registered nurses partners with the COVID-19 response team and Hartford Healthcare to conduct the contact tracing. They have a "uhnurse" email address and may call from a Colorado or California number. They are fully trained and registered with the CT Department of Public Health. The contact tracers meet daily with the medical team to review cases, contacts, and clearances. Any medical LiveSafe entry of concern gets discussed and reviewed by this team.

Once we identify a positive case, the contact tracing team calls the person to assess symptoms and identify close contacts, and then close contacts are called. Our team calls the student to discuss and offer support, as well as sends an informational email. Once the medical team and contact tracers have the information they need, the student is moved accordingly and a hold notation is placed on their student account, which sends a notification to their instructors the following morning.

LiveSafe Health Screenings

This fall's LiveSafe health screening requirement is a little different from last year's. Please review the following guidelines.

All UHart community members:

  • Download the LiveSafe App on your phone

If you are diagnosed with COVID and/or are identified as a close contact:

  • Complete the LiveSafe Health Screening to report this information to the University (you may also call Health Services at 860.768.6601)

if you are vaccinated:

  • Use the Health Screening to report ONLY if/when you are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, have been exposed to COVID, or test positive for COVID

If you have an approved vaccine exemption:

  • Complete the Health Screening every day

If you have any questions, please email