Affinity Networks

A Community of Inclusion

UHart’s employee affinity networks are part of the University's strategic efforts to ensure an inclusive environment where employees experience a greater sense of belonging and engagement, and where all are empowered to succeed. Affinity networks are voluntary associations composed of faculty and staff and are formed around shared identities, purposes, and common interests. These can include race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, religion, etc. Each affinity network determines its own scope and priorities with a primary focus to develop and improve the campus climate by increasing the presence of diverse faculty and staff.  In short, affinity networks benefit the entire university. 

Objectives of UHart’s Affinity Networks:

  • Campus engagement: foster professional development, social networking, and peer mentorship

  • Support the recruiting and retaining of a diverse talent: recruit, hire, and retain skilled staff, faculty, and administrators that reflect the diversity of the students that we serve

  • Advocacy: advocate for policies and programs to meet the needs of members of underrepresented groups, address campus leadership regarding common concerns with a collective voice

  • Educate: broaden cultural awareness on campus

  • Celebrate: spotlight the achievements and accomplishments of staff and faculty

All staff and faculty are invited to join today!

UHart's Sanctioned Employee Affinity Networks

We are an affinity group of native and non-native students, alumni, staff, and faculty dedicated to amplifying indigenous voices. We meet monthly on Zoom to plan events and programs, such as a trip to a powwow at Yale this past month and an upcoming talk this summer by Clan Mother Shoran Waupatukuay Piper of the Golden Hill Paugussett. You can read more information about our work.

If you would like to join our group, please email Judy Wyman at .

The mission of the BIPOC Staff & Faculty Affinity Network is to cultivate a conducive environment to assist in the sustained professional and personal growth and success of BIPOC staff, faculty, and associated allies at the University of Hartford.

Network Leaders: Llonia Rojan Jackson

The mission of the Disabilities Affinity Network is to engage the University of Hartford community and raise awareness through support and discussion related to the promotion of equal opportunities and the elimination of barriers for persons with disabilities. 

Network Leaders: Dianne Silliman

The mission of the Faculty of Marginalized Genders Affinity Network is to provide the opportunity for sharing insight into faculty governance, promote members in leadership, to engage on curricular and classroom issues, to participate in shared readings and discussions and to mentor and support faculty of marginalized genders at the university.

Network Leader: Dawn Ennis

The Interfaith Affinity Network creates a venue for communication across different faiths through intentional gatherings, both in person and virtual, to discuss or share thoughts and experiences related to various faiths. We do this for all employees of the University who wish to participate, because fostering understanding across communities of diverse beliefs builds support for the University community as a whole. 

Network Leaders: Diane Verrochi

The mission of the International Scholarship, Education, and Engagement (I-SEE) Affinity Network is to become the driving force to initiate and implement all efforts that have an international component to help enhance and expand UHart’s reputation. 

Network Leaders: Yingcui Li

The mission of the LGBTQ+ Faculty/Staff Affinity Network is to provide a safe space for networking, support, and camaraderie. We advocate for inclusivity and equity in the workplace, campus community, and beyond. We honor the privacy of our network.

Network Leaders: Natasha Segool

The mission of the Women’s Affinity Network is to provide a safe, open, welcoming and inclusive place for all women and all who identify as women, to network and make connections, to share oncampus and community resources for women’s professional and personal development, to discuss issues, offer and receive support, and ultimately to advance women’s leadership and celebrate women’s successes at the University of Hartford.

Network Leaders: Tina Berrien and Dina Morris

Affinity Networks in the news

Insight into Diversity, the oldest and largest diversity and inclusion publication and job board in higher education today, named the University of Hartford I-SEE Affinity Network a recipient of a 2020 the inaugural INSIGHT into Diversity Inspiring Affinity Group Awards. The 2020 Inspiring Affinity Group award recipients were profiled in the July/August issue of Insight into Diversity magazine.

Starting a New Network

We encourage the formation of new affinity networks and would like to support any employees interested in starting one. Please contact Christine Grant for more information.