Summerterm 2024 Registration

New Students Information

Current UHart Students

If you are currently enrolled at UHart, go to the add/drop page of the Self-Service Center to enroll in Summerterm courses.

Please email, with any questions or requests.

Classroom Format—A Blended Approach

We have created a blended approach to academics for the summer, offering classes in a variety of formats:

  • Traditional in-person classes will meet at a specific time and place that is reflected on your schedule.

  • Hybrid: These classes are a mix of in-person and online, depending upon the needs of the class. Some meetings will be in person, while others will be online, as determined by the faculty member. For example, if you have a Tuesday, Thursday course, the instructor may tell you that it meets in person on Tuesdays and online on Thursdays.

  • Remote: These classes are fully online but meet at a specific time (synchronous).

  • Online: These classes are fully online and do not meet at a specific time (asynchronous).

Withdrawals and Refunds

Go to Summerterm's full listing of course withdrawal deadlines and refunds.