COVID-19 Updates

In accordance with university policy, alumni and guests are currently not authorized to access campus and therefore cannot visit the Libraries. See our COVID FAQ for more on this and other adjusted services.

All University of Hartford students, faculty, and staff may borrow materials from the Harrison Libraries, including books, printed music, audio-visual materials, equipment, and more.

Alumni with a valid alumni ID card and guests who purchase a borrower card ($50 per year) may borrow books and printed music from the libraries. All other materials are available for in-house use. See more about library privileges and policies for alumni and guests.

How long can I borrow a library item?

For the 2021-2022 school year, we are piloting new, less restrictive loan policies for many library materials. Most books and scores may be checked out for a full semester, and most audio-visual materials may be checked out for three weeks. See the Mortensen Library or Allen Library borrowing policies for these and other policies.

General Policies

You must present a valid University ID card to borrow items from the Harrison Libraries.

Circulating items are due on the date indicated in My Account, regardless of whether the item bears a date-due stamp or has been stamped with an incorrect date. You are responsible for any items charged to your account.

If you need more time with your materials, you may be able to renew them:

  • Online through My Account.
  • In person at the appropriate library's circulation desk
  • By phone (Mortensen–860.768.4264 or Allen–860.768.4491)

For renewal limits, see the borrowing policies for Mortensen and Allen Libraries. Some restrictions apply.

If you cannot renew the items and cannot return them in person, we are willing to work with you! Please contact the appropriate library staff member:

Mortensen Library:
Nick Wharton (, 860.768.4403)

Allen Library:
Lisa Wollenberg (, 860.768.4840)

We have reduced or eliminated daily overdue fines for most print and audio-visual materials, as part of a pilot program in 2021-2022. Limited circulation materials (e.g. course reserves, laptops) and lost/long overdue items may still incur fees.

How to Avoid Fees

Return your materials by their due date! Official due dates for your items are listed online in My Account.

If you need more time, renew your materials before the due date (see Renewing Materials, above).

How to Pay Fees

You may pay fees with cash or check (made out to the University of Hartford) at the appropriate library's circulation desk. Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to accept payments via credit/debit card or HawkCASH.

Daily/Hourly Overdue Fines

This is a summary only. See the borrowing policies for Mortensen and Allen Libraries for full fee details.


  • Books and scores: None
  • Audio-visual materials: $0.25 per day, max $15 per item
  • Limited circulation materials (e.g., reserves, laptops): $1-$5 per hour or day, max $10-$60 per item

Faculty and Staff

  • Books, scores, most audio-visual materials: None
  • Limited circulation materials (e.g., reserves, laptops): Varies by library and item type

Alumni, Guests, and Other Users

  • Books and scores: $0.10 per day, max $10 per item
  • Audio-visual materials: $0.25 per day, max $15 per item
  • Limited circulation materials (e.g., reserves, laptops): $1-$5 per hour or day, max $10-$60 per item

Additional Policies

Items overdue by 45 days or more (2 weeks or more for equipment) accrue additional fees. See Long Overdue and Lost Items, below.

Unresolved or excessive overdue fees may be sent to the bursar for collection at the discretion of the library.


If you lose an item or keep it until it is long overdue (45 days for most items, 2 weeks for equipment), you will be billed two additional fees:

  1. The cost of replacing the item
  2. A non-refundable $15 processing fee (This covers our efforts to retrieve, replace, and process the item.)

If you return a lost item, we will forgive or refund the replacement cost (up to one year after the billing date), but the $15 processing fee and any daily/hourly overdue fines will remain on your account.

We may send your fees to the Bursar for collection, at our discretion.

You may lose your library borrowing privileges if you:

  • Fail to return materials
  • Fail to follow Harrison Libraries Policies
  • Accrue $20 or more in unpaid fees

In most cases, you will still be able to use materials within the library.

Some materials may only be used within the library. These items are typically in high demand, fragile, or are hard to replace due to rarity and/or cost. They include:

  • Allen Library M2/M3 Collection (Collected Works)
  • Archives
  • Closed Stacks materials
  • Course Reserves
  • Journals & Periodicals
  • Microfilm
  • Newspapers
  • Rare Books
  • Reference materials

We may be able to grant a short-term loan of these materials if you need to remove them from the library for a curricular need. Please contact the appropriate librarian to make a request:

Mortensen Library:
Nick Wharton (, 860.768.4403)

Allen Library:
Lisa Wollenberg (, 860.768.4840)

Interlibrary Services
Borrow materials from libraries across the country.

CCALD/CLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program
Due to COVID-19, the CCALD/CLC program has been temporarily suspended.

Borrow materials from other academic libraries in Connecticut.

  • University of Hartford students, faculty or staff may request a CCALD borrower's card at the Mortensen Library circulation desk that allows them to check out materials at the other participating institutions. Or you may use this form to apply online.
  • Visitors from other participating institutions should obtain their CCALD cards from their own libraries before visiting the University of Hartford Libraries.

Consortium Students
Borrowing privileges for University of Hartford students enrolled in courses at other Hartford-area colleges/universities (and vice versa).