Guidelines for Contracting a Senior Honors Research Essay

  1. A student may negotiate a contract with a faculty member to complete a senior research project in an honors seminar or a regular course. The faculty member alone determines whether or not he or she wishes to be a party to this contract.
  2. The contract must describe in detail the research project the student plans to undertake.
  3. The student must explain how the planned project is related to the course content, and the faculty member alone determines the relevance of the project to the course.
  4. The student must explain how the project extends beyond the regular writing assignments of the course.
  5. The student must submit the contract to the A&S Honors Coordinator by the end of week four of the term. If the contract is not approved, the student will have two more weeks to revise the contract.
  6. The student must complete a research essay with an explicit thesis, evidence, analysis, citations, and bibliography. The essay must involve 15–25 pages beyond the writing assignments of this course.
  7. The final draft of this research project must be submitted to the A&S Honors Coordinator two weeks before the last day of classes (this due date supercedes the course deadline).
  8. The research project must be approved by both the course professor and an A&S Honors Committee member (or a designated expert).
  9. The student must receive a final grade of B or better in the course.
  10. At the end of the semester, the professor should report the completion of the contract to the A&S Honors Coordinator.