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BS in Architectural Design + Technology

The Architectural Design + Technology program at University of Hartford prepares students for a variety of careers in architecture and the construction industry.


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About the Major


The Architectural Design + Technology program at University of Hartford (UHart) is a rigorous academic program that prepares you for a variety of careers in architecture and the construction industry. The focus of the program is the design studio in which the technical, structural and liberal arts courses are integrated through the creative process in the design of progressively more complex architectural projects. A strong component of liberal arts, with particular emphasis on communications skills, as well as multiple electives in the later years, ensures that students who pursue this program of study will have the foundation of a challenging architectural education. You will also gain a broad understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue advanced degrees in architecture and related disciplines or entry into architecture firms or the building industries.

About the Minor

A minor in architecture is available for students in programs other than AD+T who have interests and abilities in architectural design. Students must announce their intention to minor in architecture any time prior to the end of their junior year. However, due to the sequence of courses and prerequisites students should begin the minor in the fall of junior year. Students interested in this minor must be accepted by the Department of Architecture and complete the following courses.

Degree Requirements

The following courses and requirements are recommended for those pursuing the Architectural Design + Technology program. See more in the course catalog.

Core Classes

  • AET 241 | Building Systems for Architectural Design
  • AET 350 | Introduction to Architectural Theory
  • AET 358 | Architectural Computer Modeling and Rendering
  • AET 472 | Architectural Design VI
  • AET 474 | Design of Steel Structures for Architectural Design


  • AET 250 | Introduction to Geomatics
  • AET 340 | Construction Management

One of the following:

  • AET 300 | Engineering Economics
  • AET 442 | Construction Planning and Scheduling
  • MGT 310 | Management and Organizational Behavior

5-year Bachelors + Masters

The University of Hartford offers students an opportunity to complete both a BS in Architectural Design + Technology and a Master of Architecture in five years. The M.Arch Track 1 is available for qualified UHart undergraduate AD+T students to begin taking graduate courses senior year, then complete a 12-month (3-semester) M.Arch track immediately following their Bachelors program. This opportunity saves on the total cost of education and allows students to enter the full-time workforce one year earlier than a traditional 4+2 program sequence. Learn more.

Career Outlook


Our graduates have gone on to work for companies including:

  • Amenta Emma Architects
  • Crosskey Architects
  • Disney Imagineers
  • FIP Construction
  • JCJ Architecture
  • S/L/A/M Collaborative
  • Tai Soo Kim Partners Architects
  • Tecton Architects
  • Turner Construction

Katelyn Royce

B.S., Architectural Engineering Technology, 2019

Katelyn Royce had the opportunity of a lifetime to intern with Shawmut Design and Construction as their Project Management Intern the summer after her junior year. Her experience and success would eventually lead to her full-time position at the same company after graduation. She is now working in their retail sector in Los Angeles full-time as a member of their Construction Management Skills Training program (CMST) for the next three years.

Being an Architecture student in CETA has taught me how to successfully collaborate as a team, express my ideas both verbally and graphically to an audience, and to overall keep an open mind when designing and planning. All of the skills that this program has instilled in me also translate into my everyday social and professional life; CETA prepared me not only to be a great employee, but also a well-rounded and perceptive individual.

Admission Requirements

Interested in enrolling in the Architectural Design + Technology program under the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA)? Here is what you need to submit your application.

Resources for First Year Students

The Studio Environment

The University of Hartford's Department of Architectural Design + Technology is committed to creating and preserving a learning culture that is conducive to the growth of the relationships needed to help students succeed in their goals, and to fulfill the Mission of the Department of Architecture.


Architecture Tool Kit

Architecture Tool Kits for entering First Year students will be available at the start of the fall semester at Jerry's Artarama, 1109 New Britain Ave, West Hartford, CT 06110, 860.232.0073. The college will not be accepting checks for purchase. Jerry's Artarama usually provides transportation to their West Hartford location at the start of the semester.

Construction Management Concentration


A concentration in Construction Management is offered to students interested in pursuing a focus in construction processes, scheduling, and budgeting. Students will learn specific management and construction techniques which will supply a graduating student with the ability to enter the management field with a strong architectural design and structures background.

Study Abroad Opportunities


The Architecture department offers unique study abroad opportunities for its students, from first year through graduate. Students have traveled to areas like Cuba, Barcelona, Peru, Germany, and Italy. Through programs built with universities, you can explore different architectural monuments around the world and study in areas you have dreamed of.


The Architectural Design + Technology program is accredited under the Architectural Engineering Technology (AET) criteria by ABET - Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC).

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Within a few years of graduation, Architectural Engineering Technology graduates will be expected to attain:

PEO-1 Position of responsibility and integral participation with an architecture or engineering firm, construction management, construction company, facilities management, or a development company.

PEO-2 Actively earning internship qualifications to meet the IDP requirements for taking the Architectural Registration Exam or other professional licensing/registration;

PEO-3 Active role in professional organizations at the local, state or national level and active service in the broader community.

PEO-4 Be prepared to enter professional degree programs in architecture and other disciplines.

Student Outcomes

ETAC General Criteria Student Outcomes:

  1. An ability to apply knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of mathematics, science, engineering, or technology to solve broadly-defined engineering problems;

  2. An ability to design systems, components , or processes meeting specified needs for broadly-defined engineering problems;

  3. An ability to conduct standard tests and measurements, and experiments and to analyze and interpret the results to improve processes;

  4. An ability to function effectively as a member or leader on a technical team;

  5. An ability to apply written, oral and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments and an ability to identify and use appropriate technical literature.

Program Specific Criteria Student Outcomes:

PSC-a. Employ concepts of architectural theory and design in a design environment;

PSC-b. Utilize instruments, methods, software, and techniques that are appropriate to produce A/E documents and presentations;

PSC-c. Utilize measuring methods that are appropriate for field, office, or laboratory;

PSC-d   Apply fundamental computational methods and elementary analytical techniques in sub-disciplines related to architectural engineering;

PSC-e   Create, utilize, and present design, construction, and operational documents;

PSC-f.   Perform economic analysis and cost estimates related to design, construction, and maintenance of building systems;

PSC-g   Select appropriate materials and practices for building construction;

PSC-h   Apply principles of construction law and ethics in architectural practice, and;

PSC-i    Perform standard analysis and design in at least one recognized technical specialty within architectural engineering technology and is appropriate to the goals of the program.

Architectural Engineering Technology Student Enrollment and Graduation Statistics

Academic Year First-Year Sophomore Junior Senior Total Graduates
18-19 50 33 42 44 31
17-18 43 41 39 27 22
16-17 46 39 20 42 32
15-16 42 28 29 46 35
14-15 34 30 33 54 41

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