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At the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA), we take pride in our small classes, diverse community and talented faculty to lead the next generation of engineers and architects to success.

You can benefit from our long history of students and faculty who are committed to innovation— and the patents hanging in our school hallways prove it. Here is where you will be exposed to various areas within the engineering, technology, and architecture industries and learn the key skills employers are searching for.

By combining our small classes with career-ready tactics like industry job fairs, mock interviews, and networking programs with our many industry partners, you will emerge ready to make the transition to a successful professional career or graduate school. Learn more about our various programs and departments below:

Engineering vs. Technology - The Difference

Don't be worried if you don't know the difference between engineering and technology. Here is the best way to grasp the difference between the two in-demand fields Engineering is highly designed focused with a hands-on approach and high-level math such as calculus. Technology is highly operational focused with a more hands-on approach and medium level math such as algebra. CETA's program has much cross over and interdisciplinary opportunities for you to make the most of your educational experience here in any program.

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FIRST Robotics Scholarship

Dedicated to learning, personal growth, knowledge creation, and the betterment of society, the University engages students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in and contribute to a pluralistic, complex world.

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Honors Program

The University Honors Program provides our most capable and motivated students with the opportunity to use the resources of the College and the University to the fullest extent. Graduates who successfully complete the program will have "With University Honors" on their diploma and official transcript. Architectural Design + Technology majors should refer to the section titled "CETA Technology Students" and contact Eoin King at for additional information for CETA specifically.

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Department of Architecture

Architecture professor with two students

The Department of Architectural Design and Technology is a diverse community of practitioners, teachers, and students dedicated to educating future architectural professionals and growing the knowledge base of the profession. You will engage architecture in its civic, social, and professional realms for the ultimate benefit of the built environment and those who use it.

Department of Civil, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering

Student working on biomedical engineering equipment

The Department of Civil, Environmental, and Biomedical Engineering is dedicated to offering a well-rounded educational experience for students and encourages real-world experience from your first year to senior year. Faculty and students partner with leading professionals to study structures, infrastructure, communities, maintaining the global environment, and improving the health of the individuals who inhabit it.

Samuel I. Ward Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor with students studying robotics
The Samuel I. Ward Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering strives to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to solve the problems facing our world now and in the future. Programs under this department will allow you to encompass a variety of skills and competencies, from the more practical and applied engineering technology programs to the more analytical and theoretical graduate engineering programs.

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Students studying acoustic equipment

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers various specializations for students in areas such as Acoustics, Manufacturing, Energy and Sustainable Design, Turbomachinery, and Acoustical Engineering and Music. Have an opportunity to collaborate with other students and faculty with this department focusing on engineering design and communication skills to best prepare you for careers in industry, consulting, and research.

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