Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Julius Hartt Musical Foundation, Inc. works to develop and maintain the professional quality of The Hartt School. The Board financially supports the School and acts as an advocate for the School’s interests.

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Board of Trustees

Dale A. Merrill (ex officio); President of the Hartt Musical Foundation Inc.; Dean, The Hartt School

Tracy L. Flater, Chair; Co-Founder and Executive Director, Playhouse Theatre Group, Inc.

Sharon Pope, Vice-Chair; Special Counsel, Czepiga Daly Pope

Steve Collins '89, Secretary Executive Director, Hartford Symphony Orchestra 

Linda Solow Blotner


Jeffrey Hoffman,Vice-Chair; Co-Chair Hoffman Auto Group

Harold Horwich, Partner, Morgan Lewis

Cathy Lord '78, Collaborative Pianist, The Hartt School Community Division

Andrew Mayo MMEd'97, West Hartford Public Schools

Scott Reeves '76, Archivist, Westminster School

Jonathan Reuning-Scherer, Senior Lecturer in Statistics, Yale University

John Sunde, Interim President and CEO, St. Francis Healthcare Partners

Marie-Claire van Rooy

Ex Officio Trustees

Noah Blocker Glynn MM'15, Director, The Hartt School Community Division

Gilda Lyons (music faculty representative), Assistant Professor of Composition

Stephen Pier (dance faculty representative), Artistic Director and Professor of Dance

Ralph Perkins (theatre faculty representative), Associate Professor of Dance and Music Theatre

Rhoda Chase, Life Regent

Nancy S. Compton '55

Barbara O. David

Jennifer K. Eio

Tony Falcetti

Joan Geeter PhD, LMFT

Francine Goldfarb

Morton E. Handel (Hon. '02), Life Regent

Barbara S. Klau

Margaret W. Lawson

Peggy Lyman Hayes ’06 (Hon. ’11)

Steven Metcalf '70

Susan L. Miller

Donald W. Osborne '77

Philip Streifer '71

Douglas M. Thomas

Dionne Warwick (Hon. '86)

The Hartt Hall of Fame

The Hartt Hall of Fame recognizes and honors the accomplishments of individuals associated with The Hartt School who have helped in significant ways to further the mission of the School and showcase the best of the School to external audiences.

2019-2020 Inductees

  • Nina Paranov Fagan
  • Joan Leopold Glazier ’58, P’86
  • Peggy Lyman Hayes ’06, Hon. ’11
  • Humbert Lucarelli
  • Kent McCray ’51, Hon. ’07
  • Malcolm Morrison
  • Joseph F. Mulready, Jr. M’71
  • Richard Provost ’60

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Any supporter, advocate, benefactor, or other individual tied to The Hartt School. This includes Hartt graduate, non-degree Hartt alumni, volunteer, donor, former board member of the Julius Hartt Foundation, Community Division student or parent, and faculty or staff member (current or past).

Individuals are deemed qualified for induction when the Board of The Julius Hartt Foundation makes that determination.

Selection Criteria

Primary mission-driven criteria

  • Contributing to the awareness, image, and success of The Hartt School (College or Community Division)
  • Contributing to the academic and artistic success of Hartt through artistic and/or performance success, pedagogical success, public relations efforts, etc.
  • Demonstrated leadership (e.g., titles, Board membership) in other aspects of their field

Secondary criteria

  • Using skills and knowledge acquired at The Hartt School to make a difference in their lives and their professions
  • History of giving back (time, talent and treasure) to The Hartt School and/or the University of Hartford
  • Other criteria to be determined by the Hartt Board
  • Individual is not serving on the Hartt Board at the time of his/her induction. Honorary Board members are eligible.

Process for Nominating & Electing Members

Each year, The Hartt Board’s Alumni Committee shall call for nominations to The Hartt School Hall of Fame.

Nominations are solicited from current Board members, faculty, administration, and Hartt alumni.  Anyone associated with The Hartt School may nominate a prospective candidate for The Hartt School Hall of Fame.

The nominator may present whatever information he/she would like in support of the nominee and this submission criteria is flexible.  Documentation could include CV/resume, professional bio, list of awards, record of board service, record of teaching, etc.

Typically, 4-7 “finalists” will be presented each year to the full Hartt Board.  The Board shall vote on whom it feels deserves inclusion into The Hartt School Hall of Fame with the anticipation that 2-4 people will be chosen for induction each year. 

The Dean or a Trustee shall contact the inductees to confirm that they will accept the honor.

Class of 2018-2019

  • Ethel Bacon
  • Alexander Lepak
  • Enid Lynn
  • Pauline (Dottie) Paranov
  • Louis Pelletteri

Class of 2017-2018



The Class of 2017-2018 — November 30, 2017

Class of 2018-2019 — May 2, 2019

The Fuller Medal

Named for Alfred C. Fuller, one of Hartt's greatest friends and benefactors, the Fuller Medal is appropriately reserved for a few whose contributions and commitment to The Hartt School are exceptional.  

Fuller Medal Recipients 

1977 – William Brand

1978 – Primrose Fuller, Charles Kearns, Samuel N. Rosenstein

1980 – Alfred Hiebler

1981 – John L. Cannon M.D., Ruth Knauft, Martha Blake Wolcott

1982 – Archibald Woodruff

1984 – Moshe Paranov

1988 – Grace Ellsworth, Donald Harris

1994 – Doris Cannon, Charles Milliken

1998 – Larry Alan Smith

2001 – Christopher Larsen, Joseph Mulready, Jr. M '71, Peter Shoemaker

2002 – Elizabeth Warner- Paranov

2003 – Nancy Compton

2004 – Vanda McMurtry

2006 – Michael Yaffe

2008 – Malcom Morrison

2009 – Francine Goldfarb

2014 – Teri L. Einfeldt

2015 – Watson Morrison

2016 – Enid Lynn, Walter Harrison