The Hartt Commitment

To Fight Racial Injustice

This call to action was written and unanimously adopted by the faculty and staff of The Hartt School. We have heard the concerns from our students, alumni, and community. We stand with you in solidarity and pledge to uphold this commitment as an entire school.

The Hartt Commitment

This statement is a living and dynamic commitment toward our growth as an oppression-free community of artists and scholars. We acknowledge that the performing arts community, including Hartt, must do more to support marginalized voices. We dedicate ourselves to work tirelessly and holistically to ensure impactful change.

The Hartt School stands against inequity, discrimination, oppressive behavior, systemic racism, and is committed to:

  • Equitably diversifying its staff, faculty, and student body

  • Deepening curricular and educational offerings to support diversity across all programs

  • Working strategically with the University of Hartford to cultivate and implement diversity initiatives, anti-racism training, and intentional community building experiences

  • Enhancing its connections with the people and organizations in our greater community and beyond

  • Providing intentional opportunities to celebrate our diversity through all we do

Our actions will define us.

Immediate Actions

  • Holding town hall discussions with faculty, staff, students, alumni, community partners, and arts organizations on a regular basis throughout the remainder of the summer

  • Identifying and beginning to remove barriers, both financial and educational, to facilitate entrance to The Hartt School at all levels, including the collegiate programs, the Hartt Community School, and Hartt Pre-College

  • By the start of the 2020 fall semester (August 26, 2020), modifying the content of every Hartt course or offering to highlight diversity in some meaningful way

  • During the 2020-21 academic year, launching a lecture series devoted to the lives and accomplishments of African-American creative and performing artists, as well as creative and performing artists from other underrepresented populations

  • During the 2020-21 academic year, maintaining performing arts-related reading and listening lists that focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as developing study/discussion groups comprised of Hartt faculty, staff and students

  • Increasing financial, health, and educational support to staff, faculty, and members of the student body, with particular attention to marginalized and/or first-generation students and faculty

  • Significantly increasing the endowment of our Fund for Access in order to provide more performing arts opportunities to the children of the City of Hartford