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Recorded Auditions Resources

General Information

Submission Deadline
For maximum scholarship consideration, all recorded auditions should be received and/or completed by February 14th.
  • Recorded auditions should be submitted via the UHart application portal
  • Requirements for recorded video auditions are the same as live auditions.
  • There is to be no editing of any kind.
  • Each audition piece should be a separate file.
  • Each file should include your full name and piece title.
  • There is to be no artificial processing, including but not limited to reverb, equalization, dynamics (compressor, limiter, expander), and pitch alteration.
  • A stereo recording is suggested. Microphone(s) should be approximately two feet from the instrument/voice.

Applicants should make every effort to have the best possible recording made of their audition performance. Recorded auditions that are of poor quality may result in faculty requesting a new recording Auditions may be denied due to poor recording quality.

All hard-copy recordings should be clearly labeled with the name of the applicant, degree, major, instrument/voice type, and email. Recordings that cannot identified cannot be reviewed.

All applicants auditioning by recording will be considered for admission and scholarship by virtue of their submission.

Video Submissions

Undergraduate applicants: Submit recorded auditions and supplemental materials through one of the following: 

  1. University of Hartford Applicant Portal
  2. Acceptd (please note: this requires that a fee be paid to Acceptd directly)         

Graduate applicants: Submit recorded video auditions and supplemental materials through the University of Hartford applicant portal.