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Auditions and interviews are conducted on campus as well as in select cities around the United States, and will accept recorded auditions for applicants who reside more than 300 miles from campus.

Specific Audition Requirements by Area

Commercial Music (Composition, Music Production & Technology, Music Management)

ll Composition, Music Production & Technology, or Music Management auditions are heard with a supporting ensemble comprised of professional instrumentalists. This is to allow the audition panel the opportunity to observe the applicant’s ability to interact and respond musically in a live performance environment. Commercial music instruments include bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, and voice.

All applicants must be prepared to perform one of the following three songs in two styles, "Yesterday" by the Beatles; "You Are The Sunshine of My Life" by Stevie Wonder; or "Adia" by Sarah McLachlan.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Country
  • Blues
  • Reggae
  • Funk

In addition to performing the melody, students will be asked to improvise a solo as well as support the melody as an accompanist in the provided ensemble.

Applicants are also asked to perform two musical selections of their own choosing in any style they wish for the audition panel. Solo performances are permitted. For these two selections, applicants are allowed to provide their own backing tracks on a CD. Applicants may also request accompaniment from the supporting performing ensemble, but must provide five copies of the lead sheets for the ensemble the day of the audition. These selections may be original compositions, or songs composed by someone else. If an applicant plays an instrument and also sings, they are encouraged to choose at least one song that features their voice. If the applicant is a vocalist, both selections must include a performance of lyrics and melody.

All harmonic instrumentalists should be prepared to demonstrate the following technical skills:

  • Scales and Arpeggios; Any Key, Major and Minor, in two octaves
  • Sight-reading of chords or melody may be included

*note* If your instrument requires amplification, please provide your own practice-sized amplifier

Open Genre (composition majors only)

The applicant in Composition should be prepared to perform three contrasting works performed from memory.

Composers are encouraged to perform both their own work, and at least one work drawn from the Classical /Jazz/non-Western, “other-musics” traditions. A blend of traditions and creative practices is encouraged.

Applicants may audition on any instrument or voice. Works should highlight the composer/performers musicianship and emerging professionalism. Singer/songwriters are encouraged.

An accompanist, if required, can be provided with advance notice. Electronic instruments or other sonic performance media such as: Ableton Live, MAX/MSP, or other laptop-based instruments, are also acceptable.

Acknowledging that not all composers use conventional music notation to create their work, in this category the following types of “scores” are acceptable: lead sheets, lyric/chord outlines, sequencer/standard MIDI files (Logic preferred), audio files, Max/MSP or Processing patches with performance instructions/scripts.

Applicants with specific questions about repertoire or audition format are encouraged to contact Hartt Admissions, which will direct questions to the relevant faculty.

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