Scholarships and Financial Aid

At Hartt, all accepted students are considered for scholarship with award ranging up to full tuition. Scholarships are renewable annually for the length of the program to which the student was admitted. Students may apply for need-based financial aid by filing the FAFSA. Our school code is 001422 and our priority filing deadline is February 1. 

Please visit the Bursar's Office for more specific information.

Student financial assistance for undergraduate and graduate students is offered through the Office of Admission and Student Financial Assistance at the University of Hartford.


The full-time undergraduate tuition rate for Hartt School students, covers registration of between 12 and 18.5 credits per semester. (Lab fees may apply).

Part-time undergraduate tuition rates apply to students registered for fewer than 12 credits and are calculated based upon the number of registered credits and type of course. (Lab fees may apply).


You can view details on current tuition rates below.

All applicants, regardless of program, are automatically considered for Hartt's Performing Arts Scholarships (PAS). These scholarships are awarded by the faculty and based on the student's audition (for performance applicants) or interview (all other majors). No separate application is necessary.

  • Performing Arts Scholarships range up to full tuition.
  • Only full-time undergraduate students entering in the fall semester are considered.
  • Awards are not reviewed for increases in subsequent years.
  • Need-based grant funding is available through the University of Hartford Office of Financial Aid based upon the results of the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA filing deadline is February 15.

Awards are made upon acceptance and are renewable for the length of the program into which the student has been accepted. Students adding a second major or changing majors after beginning classes are not eligible for scholarship beyond the fourth year of study.

Students must maintain full-time undergraduate status, a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of a 2.75 overall or a 3.0 GPA in their major field(s) of study at The Hartt School. In addition, the student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the University of Hartford Undergraduate Bulletin. If the student fails to meet the renewal criteria, the scholarship will be rescinded and will not be reinstated.

U. S. citizens and eligible non-citizens may apply for federally funded financial aid in the form of Pell Grants, college work-study, Perkins Loans, and Stafford Loans. These awards are made based on the availability of funds at the time the student is accepted and the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is strongly recommended that the FAFSA be submitted to the federal processor by February 1st so the University will receive the results before admissions decisions are made. This will ensure that the University will be able to offer the best possible financial aid package based on the student's eligibility and the availability of funds. The FAFSA may be completed online at or you may obtain a paper application from high school guidance offices or the University's Office of Admission and Student Financial Assistance.


The University of Hartford Bursar's Office has a complete list of tuition and fees. Private lessons are included in the cost of tuition for full-time graduate performance major programs.  You can view details on current tuition rates below.

The Hartt School recognizes student talent and financial need by offering numerous awards, which are administered annually and offered by each division. The awards are based on the student's audition (for performance applicants) or interview (all other majors). Students must fill out the fellowship/assistantship/scholarship application found within the Hartt graduate application.

  • Only full-time graduate students entering in the fall semester
  • Full-time students entering in the spring may be considered for awards beginning in the following school year.
  • Awards are assigned on a one-year basis and may be reassigned for subsequent years.
  • Scholarships range up to full tuition.
  • Assistantships range from $1,200 to $4,800 depending on the hours per week assigned.
  • Fellowship amounts vary depending on assignment.
  • Lesser awards are also offered in the form of restricted funds and stipends.
Departmental Assistantships include
  • Hartt Performance or Allen Music Library
  • Large and small ensemble management
  • Keyboard accompanying
  • Office work
Teaching Fellowships include
  • Music History Department
  • Music Theory Department
  • Suzuki Pedagogy assistant teaching
  • Select teaching or coaching