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The Humanities are the core of a liberal arts education that prepares you for a thoughtful, active, and ethical life.

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Learn from our faculty who are experts in the disciplines of:

  • History
  • Art History
  • Philosophy
  • Communication and Speech
  • Music
  • Theater

No matter what class you take, you will connect what you study to the contemporary issues that affect us all.  Your professors will guide you through class discussions as you question the past and seek to understand the traditions and histories of the world’s diverse peoples.

Career Outlook

Many careers benefit from the thinking and communication skills provided by a humanities education, including:

  • Business
  • Law
  • Education
  • Social work
  • The Arts

Hannah Shershow

Communication, '23

Hannah says her time at Hillyer College was academically challenging, fun, and the best way to transition from high school into college. When Hannah started at UHart, she was not sure of her academic goals and says with the help of her Hillyer professors, she soon found what she enjoyed and was able to fully delve into her academic journey. One of Hannah’s recent successes was serving as the director of the student-run public relations agency Crested Communications, which produces strategic marketing plans for real clients. In this role, she oversaw the creation of a social media campaign for CVS pharmacy. Read more.

I've gained a lot of knowledge from my work on the marketing team. My experience includes conducting interviews and writing for various marketing projects.

Robert Churchill, PhD

Professor of History ,

In his latest book, The Underground Railroad and the Geography of Violence in Antebellum America, (Cambridge University Press, 2020), Hillyer College Professor of History, and noted historian of American political violence, Robert Churchill, examines the role geography and violence play in the narrative of the Underground Railroad. Read more.

The country, particularly the north, was grappling with a very particularly southern style of violence that was acted out by slave catchers when they came north to recover fugitives. In the lower northern border states like Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, you have a very different culture. One that is really emphasizing human dignity, one that emphasizes law and order."

Michael Robinson

Professor, History

Research Interests: History of science, history of exploration

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Why do you enjoy teaching students in Hillyer?

A lot of students hate history. Some are bored. Others are intimidated. It’s a huge thrill when I see them change their minds.

Faculty & Staff

Fran Altvater
Interim Dean Hillyer College; Associate Professor of Art History
Dean's Office for Hillyer

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Robert Churchill
Professor of History

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Mari Firkatian
Professor of History; Secretary of the Faculty Senate

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Ju-Yong Ha
Assistant Professor of Music

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Michael Robinson
Department of Humanities Chair; Professor of History

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F. Scott Scribner
Professor of Philosophy

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Daniel Williamson
Professor of History

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