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Explore the social and psychological forces that guide behavior and shape our lives through classes in the Department of Social Sciences.

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Learn to think critically about yourself, the world you live in, and the economic, political, and social institutions that influence all of our lives.

After your two years in Hillyer's Social Sciences Department, you will be ready to move on to a bachelor's degree program. Choose from majors that will be prepare for you for jobs in:

  • Psychology
  • Politics and Government
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business
  • Education

Kicha Pinthiere

Psychology, '23

Kicha describes her internship at Intensive Education Academy in West Hartford as an amazing experience that reinforced her desire to study school psychology when she graduates. She started her UHart journey in Hillyer College before transitioning to the College of Arts and Sciences in her third year. Kicha says she was forced out of her comfort zone when she joined the UHA Steppaz (step team) which enabled her to represent UHart at other universities. She also joined UHart’s Black Student Union (BSU) which gave her the opportunity to meet other students and create bonds that didn’t just revolve around academics. Read more

I was able to shadow a school psychologist which strengthened my decision in the career path I wanted to take.

Bilal Sekou

Associate Professor, Politics and Government

Research Interests: Civic engagement, racial and ethnic politics, radical political economy

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Why do you enjoy teaching students in Hillyer?

I view teaching as not only an opportunity to impart knowledge, but also to learn. Hillyer's students have diverse experiences and backgrounds, creating a wonderful learning experience for me also.

Karen Tejada Pena

Associate Professor, Sociology

Research Interests: Central Americans in the U.S., immigrants and political mobilization, transnationalism and grassroots work.

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Why do you enjoy teaching students in Hillyer?

Hillyer students are curious, dynamic, evolve, and care about learning. Their diverse experiences contribute to a learning environment that engages us all. I look forward to pass on my love for sociology to the next generation.

Faculty & Staff

Paula Alderette
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Social Science

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Noel Casiano
Associate Professor of Psychology and Human Services
Social Science

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Woody Doane
Professor of Sociology
Social Science

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Melinda Miceli
Department of Social Sciences Chair; Associate Professor of Sociology
Social Science

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Bilal Sekou
Associate Professor of Political Science
Social Science

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Karen Ivette Tejada-Peña
Associate Professor of Sociology
Social Science

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