Maria Tackett D'10 (ENHP)

Maria Tackett

Maria Tackett has established a highly respected career in nursing, health care, and educational leadership.

Tackett served in the 405th Combat Support Hospital, United States Army Reserves, for 20 years. She was involved in training hundreds of medic and nurses in emergency and combat trauma care. In 2007–08, Tackett was deployed to Anbar Province, Iraq, where she was in charge of the emergency room that treated more than 3,000 patients.

After returning, she served as the chief nurse of the 405th. Tackett is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff Officers Program and retired at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Tackett was director of neurotrauma service for 12 years at Hartford Hospital. While there, she promoted the development of trauma nursing as a distinct specialty enhancing education in the ICU and patient units. She currently serves as nursing director of trauma and professional practice for the Hartford region of Hartford HealthCare. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Connecticut School of Nursing.

Tackett earned her doctorate in education from the University of Hartford in 2010. She previously received a master's degree in education from Central Connecticut State University, and a master's degree in nursing administration from the University of Connecticut.