Christiana Lang '12

Christiana Lang

Christiana Lang is a peace builder, an activist, and an upholder of equality. For the past seven years, she has worked in six different countries in a range of sectors including grass roots efforts and with local, state, federal, and international entities. Lang is a former Peace Corps volunteer and lived for two-and-a-half years as a youth and community advisor in a rural Thai village. She has collaborated with members of the nonprofit community on issues involving public health, youth education, women's empowerment, and social equality in Thailand, Sweden, and within the United States. Previously, Lang directed United Way youth programs and worked at the federal level in the HHS/HRSA office of Women's Health on the prevention of intimate partner violence.

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Lang completed the Rotary Peace Fellowship at Uppsala University this past summer. Her research focused on women in the peace process, cyber conflict, feminist foreign policies, global diplomacy, and international conflict resolution mechanisms. She has been a featured speaker to high-level audiences throughout the world, including at the White House/USAID Global Development Summit and rallies at the Stockholm Women's March.

A Division I student-athlete while at Hartford, captained the women's soccer team. She graduated from College of Arts and Sciences in 2012, with a double major in politics and government, and sociology.