Papa Asante '11 (CETA)

Papa Asante

Papa Asante is founder of The LAB Media Empire, LLC, a recording studio and rehearsal space in New Rochelle, N.Y., whose mission is to provide a creative environment in which artists can develop their craft.

The LAB was founded in 2002 and originally consisted of one simple computer microphone tethered to a wall in an open basement. It began as a way to spark curiosity among those who were eager to learn about the science of audio engineering. Today, The LAB consists of 900 square feet of recording space and 1,400 square feet of rehearsal space.

Asante is responsible for all technical functions at The LAB and oversees all company operations, in addition to tracking and mixing sessions.

In addition to his work at The LAB, Asante is employed by Sikorsky Aircraft, where he serves as a program manager on the Canadian Maritime Helicopter Program.

Asante graduated from the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture in 2011 while majoring in audio and electronic engineering technology.