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Review the links below for answers to the most commonly asked questions about Blackboard.

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Blackboard Ultra Course View

The below is a playlist of videos on Ultra courses for students.

Issues viewing videos and other content

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Can't remember your password?

  • Your Blackboard password is the same as your University email password as of August 2, 2021. Any password reset will require that you reset your email password. There is no separate blackboard credential.  Call the Helpdesk at 860.768.4357, email or fill in this support ticket for assistance.

Can't see your course?

  • Has your instructor made your course available? Instructors must make courses available for them to be seen first in Blackboard. Not all instructors choose to use Blackboard. Please check with your professor first.
  • If your instructor has made your course available, and you still can't see it, first check with the registrar's office to make sure you are registered. If you are, and it's still not visible, in the box below note the course ID/name.

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