Why UHart? This is My Why.

Why Students Choose UHart

Choosing where to spend your college years is a big decision. Choosing a school that is the right-fit can be life-changing. 

The University of Hartford is a special place. Each of one our students brings a unique world-view and a story that weaves into the fabric that makes up the UHart community. From artists and musicians to scholars and nurses, and everything in between, our students' similarities and differences are celebrated. Each person belongs here.

So Why UHart? We could say community, the intimate campus, the ideal location, the dedicated faculty, and the $95 million in scholarships we award every year—but we don't just want you to take our word for it. We want you to hear from our students on their Why UHart.

A Supportive Community

student standing in the library

"UHart is a community, and that is my favorite part about it. Whether you are in clubs, organizations, or classes, it always feels like you are part of this big family because everyone is willing to help you succeed in and out of the classroom." 

Benedicta “Benie” Kwarteng ’23 who is pursuing a double major in international studies and politics and government, and a minor in French, is planning to work in foreign service in the hopes of becoming a career diplomat. Benie has been granted a 2023 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship following a nationwide competition of nearly 900 highly qualified candidates. Just 45 fellows were chosen across the country. The program will allow the multi-lingual Kwarteng to pursue her master’s degree, work overseas and stateside with a member of Congress, and become a U.S. diplomat.

Kwarteng has remained highly engaged throughout her undergraduate career at UHart: She has served as a student ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences and Honors Program, was awarded a Benjamin Gilman scholarship to study abroad at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, and has served as a member of The Women’s Advancement Initiative’s LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program. That’s in addition to earning a scholarship to conduct research in Ghana related to her honors thesis.

I love that I'm surrounded by people who look like me all the time. I love how people of color are represented in the student body as well as the staff. It goes to show the progress of our community."

Akosua Adu '25, Health Sciences Pre-Professional Major

The People, The Campus, and The Energy

student working in architecture classroom

"I love the people, the campus, and the energy—plus the campus lawn and flowers in the springtime are intoxicating.”

Alberto Benitez '22, and Architectural Design + Technology major, was the 2021 recipient of the John G. Martin and Marian A. Bills Scholarship which sends one University of Hartford graduate to a top UK university for their graduate studies. Benitez is pursuing a master’s degree in Architecture at the University of Nottingham. 

He credits the architecture program for helping him to develop skills that he never thought he would have, and connections and relationships that he will be able to call upon for years to come.

Benitez took advantage of the accelerated graduate program offered in UHart’s architecture department and took a few graduate level courses during his senior year, giving him the opportunity to graduate prepared for the next chapter of his studies.

Beyond the classroom, Alberto served as the president of the ping pong club, which he joined his first year. During his time here, he took advantage of the campus activities that UHart has to offer—some favorites include Bingo and Food Truck Fridays. 

I have made connections with so many professionals while at the University of Hartford, which isn't as easy to do at larger colleges. My connections with Dr. Oakes and Dr. Gannotti have led me to my successes. Their ongoing support and advising has made my love for physical therapy, as well as the University of Hartford, even deeper."

Teagan Devoe '22, Physical Therapy Major

Opportunities to Get Involved

student walking in classroom holding a computer

"Get involved! Even if it’s not your specific major, it will help you network and work on professional skills. I’ve learned from my time here that all the clubs and organizations I’m involved in are teaching me leadership skills, public speaking skills, and most importantly, time management!”

Alissa Hoffman '23, a Marketing major in the 3+1 Accelerated Program, has joined over 10+ organizations and clubs, made the president’s list each term, completed the honors program, worked four jobs on campus, and now serves as the President of the Student Government Association (SGA). In this position, she advocates for students’ needs alongside members of the Senate and has had the opportunity to develop and grow amazing connections with the administration, fellow students, and faculty at UHart. Hoffman also serves as Events Chair for the Barney Leadership Council where she plans events and networking opportunities on campus. She has also been a member of LEAD Women’s Advancement, Asian Student Association, Gamma Iota Sigma, NSLS, and a Barney Ambassador. 

Alissa has participated in two internships with Travelers and a local consulting business, along with a part-time job at Covr Financial. She has had the chance to network with CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, travel to Philadelphia and present as a keynote, conduct a marketing study in Las Vegas, and also compete in the Make48 Competition that aired live on TV. UHart has allowed her to gauge her interest in all forms.

Alissa just recently landed a part-time job as a Graphic Design and Marketing Associate.

"I chose UHart because it was close to home, and offered a niche program that I haven't seen at most other institutions."

Liam Moran '24 , Music Management Major