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VA Resources

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Debt Management National Call Center: 800.827.0648

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the University of Hartford know I want to use my benefits?

You must submit a Request for Enrollment Certification Form and a Curriculum Requirements Form to a Certifying Official in the Center for Student Success every semester that you want to use your benefits. Forms can be emailed to  Please note that during the Summer semester, each part of term  (e.g., Session 1, or Session 2) are considered separate non-standard terms and you must request each non-standard term that you want to be certified for on the Request for Certification Form.

When should I turn in my Request for Enrollment Certification Form?

As soon as you have registered for classes, turn in the Request for Enrollment Certification Form to a Certifying Official at the University. After the Certifying Official submits a certification to the VA, it can take the VA up to six weeks to process. If you turn in your Request for Enrollment Certification late, it could cause a delay in payments.

What happens if I change my schedule?

If you change your schedule, you need to notify a Certifying Official at the University so that he or she can determine if another certification must be submitted to the VA. NOTE: This could create a debt that you will owe to the VA.

I just changed my major; do I need to let the VA know?

You will need to notify a Certifying Official at the University that you have changed majors. This can cause classes you are registered for not to be certified to the VA.

Can I use two different VA education benefits at the same time?

No, you can only use one VA education benefit at a time.

What classes can be certified to the VA?

The only classes that can be certified to the VA are classes that fall within your degree plan. If you are not registered in all degree applicable classes, your benefits from the VA may be affected. For example, if you are an undergraduate student registered for 15 credits during the fall semester but 5 credits do not fall within your degree plan, you will be certified for 10 credits and considered less than full time with the VA. You will receive benefits for only the 10 credits that are degree applicable. Some students run out of degree applicable classes during their last semester before graduation. Sometimes these students will take classes that are not degree applicable to remain a full time student. If you wish to be certified during your last semester before graduation and you have enough entitlement left, classes that keep you a full time student but fall outside of your degree plan can be certified to the VA. This is called Rounding Out.

Can a class that I have already taken be certified to the VA again?

If you previously took a class and received the required grade for graduation, the class cannot be certified to the VA again. If you previously took a class and did not receive the required grade for graduation, the class can be certified to the VA again.

What happens with my VA benefits if I fail a class?

A debt will not be created with the VA for failing a class. The VA will pay for you to repeat the class that you failed as long as it falls within your degree plan.

Do I need to notify a Certifying Official at the University or the VA if my address changes?

Yes, you will need to notify both a Certifying Official at the University and the VA if your address changes. The VA still sends notifications and letters to you through the mail. If you do not have a valid address on file, you may miss very important and time-sensitive information sent from the VA.

In addition, be sure to keep your contact information updated with the University of Hartford in order to receive important notifications.


What happens to my benefits if I am not a full time student?

Your benefit payments will be prorated based on how many hours you will be taking. For current payment rates go to:

NOTE: For students under Chapter 33, you will not receive a housing stipend if you are at half time or less.

What happens if I run out of entitlement during the semester?

The VA will prorate your benefit payments to end on the day you run out of entitlement.

I am using Chapter 30, 1606 or 1607, Why haven't I received my monthly stipend?

Have you verified your attendance with the VA each month? You can do so by going to or by calling the VA's toll free Interactive Voice Response (IRV) telephone line at 1-877-823-2378.

Chapter 33

When will I get my books and supplies stipend?

This depends on when you submit your Request for Enrollment Certification Form, when your enrollment is certified to the VA, and when the VA processes the certification to send payment. The VA processing time can take up to six weeks. The stipend payment is sent to you and is usually sent at the same time your tuition and fees payment is sent to the University of Hartford. NOTE: a change in schedule resulting in a student debt could change the amount that the VA sends to you.

When will I receive my housing stipend?

For each month that you are attending classes, you will receive your housing stipend the first day of the following month. For example, for the month of September you will receive that payment on October 1st. Please be aware that partial months of attendance are pro-rated. For example, December is pro-rated for the fall semester. NOTE: If you turn in your Request for Enrollment Certification Form late, it could cause your housing stipend to not come on time.

Will the VA cover parking?

No, the parking permit is not considered a mandatory fee; therefore, it cannot be certified to the VA.

How is entitlement transferred?

The Veteran or Active Duty service member must submit a transfer of entitlement request. For more information about making the request go to: