Instrumental Ensembles

There are many ways for you or your child to participate in instrumental ensembles with other Hartt School pre- and post-college musicians. Browse through the offerings below for more information:

CYS Concerto Competition

The competition will take place on Tuesday, December 19, 2023. The winner of the competition will perform their piece with CYS on their May 5th concert at 7:30 p.m. in Lincoln Theater.

Auditions are by appointment only. If you have any questions, please address them to

CYS Concerto Competition Guidelines

  1. The student’s concerto must be approved by Dr. D’Addio before application is submitted and logged. He can be reached at
  2. Applicants must sign up for their audition by November 13, 2023.
  3. Students are required to have a collaborative pianist for the audition.
  4. Students must provide their own collaborative pianist for the audition and manage all communication with them.
  5. Students may audition only on the instrument they play in the Connecticut Youth Symphony. (Except pianists during piano year and vocalists/guitarists on vocal/guitar years)
  6. Students must have the approval of their private teacher, and must provide their private teacher's name and contact information if the lessons are not through the HCD.
  7. Prior winners of the competition are ineligible to compete again in the competition.
  8. Students are to audition with only one movement of their piece.
  9. Students should bring 4 copies of their score for adjudicators, with the exception of pianists who should bring 2 copies.
  10. The competition is open to pianists every other year. Piano students are eligible to audition for the Concerto Competition this year. Pianists must be in grades 9-12, and they must study piano through the Hartt Community Division. Students may audition on piano and their CYS instrument during the same Concerto Competition year.
  11. The competition is open to voice and guitar students in the alternate year of piano students. Voice and guitar students are not eligible to audition for the Concerto Competition this year. Voice/guitar students must be in grades 9-12 and study voice/guitar at the Hartt Community Division.
  12. The student’s teacher (or when not available, the student) will receive adjudicator comments from the audition via email from the Large Ensembles Coordinator.
  13. The winner of the competition will be notified via phone within 24 hours of the completion of the final audition in the competition. Once the winner is contacted, an email will be sent to all auditionees.

Together, we can ensure the gift of an unparalleled performing arts education is available to all.