Faculty and Staff

Learn from our outstanding faculty who are experts in their fields and have the professional networks to help you start your career. Our staff is here to support you every step of the way.

James Bannister, Chair and Professor of Accounting

Susan Wahab, Professor of Accounting

Barbara Lamberton, Associate Professor of Accounting

Ibrahim Onur Oz, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Jenna Tang, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Karen Gantt, Associate Professor of Business Law

Bradford Buck, Clinical Instructor of Business Law

Donald A. May, Clinical Instructor of Accounting


Farhad Rassekh, Professor of Economics and the Department Chair 

Bharat Kolluri, Professor of Economics

Carmen Cotei, Professor of Finance and the Associate Dean of Administration & Accreditation

Malek Lashgari, Professor of Finance 

Mahmoud Wahab, Professor of Finance

Ben Brewer, Assistant Professor of Economics

Ning Jia, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics

Vivek SharmaAssistant Professor

Anae Sobhani, Assistant Professor

Lillian Kamal, Associate Professor of Economics

Yu Lei, Associate Professor of Insurance

Ke Yang, Associate Professor of Economics

Ken Goldstein, Clinical Instructor of Risk Management and Insurance

Kenneth Goroshko, Instructor of Economics 

James Peta, Lecturer of Economics

Irina Naoumova, Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship and the Department Chair

James Fairfield-Sonn, Professor of Management and Fulbright Fellow

Andy Hao, Professor of Marketing

Jerome Katrichis, Professor of Marketing

Daphne Berry, Associate Professor of Management

Steven Congden, Associate Professor of Management

Narendar Sumukadas, Associate Professor of Management

Rebecca Ranucci, Assistant Professor of Management

Shirley Wang, Assistant Professor of Management

Ralph Reilly, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

Lan (Vicky) Luo, Assistant Professor of Supply Chain Management

Carmina Cavazos, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Hyunjung Lee, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Christine YeAssistant Professor of Marketing

Aydin Oksoy, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Annette Rogers, Associate Dean Academics & Services and Clinical Instructor of Management

Ralph Braithwaite, Lecturer in Management

Celia Lofink, Assistant Dean of Career Ready Programs and Instructor of Management

David Stec, Visiting Instructor of Management

Rochelle Young, Clinical Instructor of Management

Kevin Bechard, Adjunct Professor of Management

Chavon Campbell, Adjunct Professor of Management

Milena Erwin, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship

Brian Jud, Adjunct Professor of Marketing

Vishnu Khade, Adjunct Professor

David Koji, Adjunct Professor of Management

James Lewis, Adjunct Professor of Management

Katarzyna McCormic, Adjunct Professor of Management

Samuel McGee, Adjunct Professor

Xan McGivney, Adjunct Professor of Marketing

Craig Nathanson, Adjunct Professor

Samuel Rindell, Adjunct Professor of Management

Candace Ruiz, Adjunct Professor

Paul Schned, Adjunct Professor

Fred Wergeles, Adjunct Professor

Friday Wada, Visiting Assistant Professor


Steve Mulready, Dean of the Barney School of Business

Carmen Cotei,  Associate Dean of Administration & Accreditation and Professor of Finance

Celia Lofink, Assistant Dean of Career Ready Programs & Instructor of Management

Annette Rogers, Associate Dean Academics & Services and Clinical Instructor of Management

Dawn Zumbroski, Director of Undergraduate Academic Services

Laura D’Angelo-Gohn, Director of Graduate Programs

Eileen Johnson, Academic Services and Evaluation Coordinator, Undergraduate Programs

Khalia White, Manager of Undergraduate Admissions and Services

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