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Business Analytics and Managerial Economics

The Business Analytics and Managerial Economics major gives you valuable skills in quantitative methods and economic analysis. Prepare to work at some of the biggest companies in the country.

About the Major

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Businesses are increasingly looking for new hires with the strong foundations in data analytics, economics, and business administration that this major provides. Our electives allow you to design your own specific program of study that matches your career goals. You will also be ready to apply to our graduate-level Business Analytics program.

Degree Requirements

You will complete seven courses in this area of study, including an internship. See the course catalog for the additional requirements to earn your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Core Classes

  • Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Managerial Economics
  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Business Forecasting
  • Predictive and Business Analytics
  • Business Data Mining
  • Internship in Economics

Featured Classes

  • World of Business
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Exploring and Planning Career Options
  • Business Statistics

Career Outlook

With a major in Business Analytics and Managerial Economics, you’ll be in demand. This growing field needs people who love to problem solve and examine data. Work as a data scientist, a business analyst, a consultant, and more. Our graduates go on to work at some of the country’s top companies, including Aetna, Cigna, The Hartford, and Travelers—all just ten minutes from campus!


Business Intelligence & Geospatial Development Program (BIGDP)-Analyst at Travelers

The Barney school really helped me feel confident, competent and connected when navigating the corporate world. Specifically, classes such as BAR111 and BAR211 taught me the soft skills and technical skills I needed to succeed.

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About the Minor

Supplement your business skills with a minor in Business Analytics. Be ready when employers are looking for someone who understands data and can use it to make sound business decisions.


Applications for admission are considered on a "rolling basis." We look forward to welcoming you to Barney!

Barney Students Secure Summer Internships Through CVS Health Sponsored Learning Project

Two business analytics & managerial economics sophomores got the internship through the CVS learning project.

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