2023-2024 Graduate Tuition and Fees

The cost of a graduate education falls into two general categories. The first category includes charges for admission, tuition, fees, and related services. The second category includes living costs, travel, and other items of personal expense.

Application Fees

  • The non-refundable application fee for graduate programs is $50.
  • The Hartt School's application fee is $50 plus a $40 audition fee.

Tuition and Fees

  • Charges for graduate tuition and fees vary depending on the school and the program of study. Detailed information on tuition costs can be found in the table below. Click here for Student and Housing Fees.
  • A $30.00 non-refundable registration fee is required each semester you register.
  • For inquiries regarding student financial matters, please visit the Office of the Bursar or call 860.768.4360.
  • The following fees are subject to change in accordance with University rules and without notice. For confirmation, please contact your respective school or the Bursar Office at 860.768.4360.

Technology Fees

Cost Per Semester Per Year
9+ credits resident graduate $245 $490
9+ credits commuter graduate $225 $450
3-8.5 credits graduate $106 $212
Fewer than 3 credits graduate 0 0
Summer term Credit Courses $25

Rates by School

Under each college's and school's below sections you will find rates for fall, spring, summer, and winter terms. Dual degree programs that span two colleges are charged at the per credit tuition rate under which the classes belong.

Per Credit Hour

Programs Rate
All Programs $826.00

Photography MFA* and Illustration MFA*

Programs Billing Unit Rate
Summer 2024 (20 credit hours) Per Term $17,877.00
Fall 2022 (4 credit hours), Spring 2023 (6 credit hours) Per Term $4,881.00

*Visit Photography MFA
*Visit Illustration MFA

Programs Billing Unit Rate
Select Programs* Per Credit $726.00
Computer Science, MS Per Credit $934.00
Integrated Communication, MA | Summer 2023 Per Credit $726.00

*These include Communication, MA, Integrated Media, MA, Organizational Psychology, MSOP, and School Psychology, MS

Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Enrollment Status Billing Unit Rate
Full Time 14+ credits Per Year $31,630.00
Fall & Spring 9–14 credits/term Per Term $12,653.00
Summer 2024 6–8 credits Per Term $6,516.00
Fall & Spring less than 9 credits Per Credit $1,307.00

*Visit Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Programs Billing Unit Rate
All Programs Per Credit $838.00

Certain cohorts may be billed at different rates.

Per Credit Hour

Programs Rate
Select Programs* $663.00
Educational Leadership, EdD $838.00
Nursing, MSN $706.00
Prosthetic & Orthotics, tMSPO (OL) $654.00
Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,000.00

Per Term

Programs Rate
Prosthetic & Orthotics, MSPO and Physical Therapy, DPT - Summer 2024 $6,066.00
Prosthetic & Orthotics, MSPO and Physical Therapy, DPT - Fall 2023, Spring 2024 $14,000.00
Occupational Therapy, MSOT - Summer 2024 $7,740.00
Occupational Therapy, MSOT - Fall 2023, Spring 2024 $13,397.00


Programs Billing Unit Rate
MSPO One Clinical Education Internship Per Internship $1,700.00
Clinical Integrated Experiences: MSPO - 3 affiliations 3 affiliations $500 each
Clinical Education Fees: DPT - 3 Affiliations 3 Affiliations $ 1,700 each
MSOT Two Level Fieldwork Fees 2 Courses $1,700 each
Programs Billing Unit Rate
Select Programs* Per Credit $934.00
Architecture, MArch Per Credit $1,157.00
Architecture, MArch Flat Rate per Year Per Year $25,780.00

Per Credit Hour

Programs Rate
Select Programs* $1,251.00
Master of Music Education | Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 $710.00
Master of Music Education | Summer 2024 $710.00

Per Term

Programs Rate
Master of Music Education - Teaching and Research (9–13 credits per term) $6,306.00
Master of Music Education - Conducting and Performance (9–13 credits per term) $9,452.00
Programs 6–9 credits per term* $10,827.50
Programs 9–13 credits per term** $14,349.50
Programs Billing Unit Rate
One hour per week - 14 weeks Per Credit $2,264.00
One half hour per week - 14 weeks Per Credit $1,184.00