Financing Your Graduate Education

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Understanding the cost of a graduate program and how you will finance your graduate education is an important process. At the University of Hartford, most graduate students pursue financial support in the form of loans, scholarships and/or student employment. The Office of Graduate Admissions and Office of Student Financial Aid are committed to working with our graduate students to provide information and support regarding financing your education. UHart also has partnerships with many area employers offering a tuition reduction benefit for eligible employees. Below you will find information regarding tuition, payment plans, and various forms of financial aid and support for our graduate students. 

Graduate tuition and fees vary depending on the school and program of study. You can find out more about graduate tuition costs and fees in order to plan for your graduate studies.

The Office of Student Financial Aid is committed to your success. As a matriculated graduate student, you are generally eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan funds up to a maximum of $20,500 per year for most programs. Certain programs such as Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology may be eligible for a higher maximum. In order to be eligible for financial aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid is awarded once you are registered for classes and once a total cost of attendance is determined. As you probably have questions about the financial aid process, we encourage you to explore the financial aid website and/or reach out to Financial Aid with additional questions at

While it's well known that financial aid exists for undergraduates, many students are unaware that scholarships also are available for those seeking a graduate degree. At the University of Hartford, we are committed to providing scholarship resources for students at all levels of their education to help make their programs more affordable. Here are some points to consider when tracking down scholarships to pay for an advanced degree: 

  1. Gather application materials early. Give yourself plenty of time to complete each step and submit all applications by their deadlines.
  2. Be efficient. Write a base essay and keep track of any essay questions you’ve already answered—you can reuse and edit the same essay for all your applications.
  3. Focus on what makes you unique. An advantage of applying for scholarships as a graduate student versus an undergraduate is that you have more life and educational experience to draw from when writing a scholarship essay. Be sincere and focus on what makes your experience unique.
  4. Don’t ignore small awards. Small awards can add up. Plus, the larger the award, the more competition you’ll face.
  5. Don’t box yourself in. Along with field-specific scholarships, consider the criteria specific to who you are. Broaden your search and look for graduate school scholarships based on your region, ethnicity, interest, religious affiliation, or hobbies.
  6. Look Local. Don’t look past applying to local scholarships, which can be less competitive than national scholarships. Your employer, club, bank, or even place of worship, like a church or synagogue, may offer scholarships.
  7. Join Professional Associations. You can identify valuable graduate school grants and scholarships via professional associations. These groups give out thousands of dollars each year to encourage students and professionals to continue their education and improve their expertise in a given field. (For example: PRSA for Communication and Marketing students)

We have various scholarship opportunities available for our graduate students, including our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice Scholarship and Hawk Alumni Scholarship. Many scholarship opportunities are also offered through our various graduate programs once you are admitted. 

Hawk Alumni Scholarship

The Hawk Alumni Scholarship provides a scholarship equivalent to a 25% tuition discount for UHart alumni entering select graduate degree programs.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice Scholarship

At the University of Hartford, we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice (DEIJ) in all aspects of our community. As part of this commitment to our students, we’ve created the Graduate DEIJ Scholarship, which seeks to acknowledge the important contributions of our students in promoting and contributing to equity and inclusion within one’s program, the campus community, and in their future work and professional endeavors.

Program Specific Scholarships

Many programs have scholarships, stipends, and assistantships available for eligible students admitted to their program. 

Graduate Assistantships

Many graduate programs offer assistantships to entering and returning students. For more information about the availability of graduate assistantships and application deadlines please contact your program directly. Please note: assistantships, fellowships, or other support a student receives as a result of enrollment may have an impact on Federal Stafford Loan eligibility.

The Office of Student Financial Aid offers a platform that connects current students to donor-funded scholarship opportunities. This portal provides students with the ability to direct-apply to specific scholarship opportunities, write letters of thanks to their donors, and explore external scholarship opportunities.

Each new academic year presents a unique opportunity to complete the general application via the UHart scholarship portal, which when completed, may provide students with further access to specific scholarship opportunity applications.  Students should ensure they have filed a valid FAFSA, reviewed their financial aid package, and complete all financial aid requirements prior to pursing further scholarship opportunities.

Students can access the platform here using their University email address and password omitting the ‘’ portion. When using this platform, carefully read the requirements for each award to identify ones meant for graduate students. If students need assistance with resetting their email password, contact UHart’s Help Desk Support at

Outside scholarships can be found through many sources, but we recommend the following websites specifically for graduate students to help you get started in your search. Please note that many of these scholarships are awarded in the beginning of the calendar year for the fall semester, so it is best to start your search early. 

The University of Hartford values contributions made by graduate students to the areas of service, teaching, and scholarship. There are various types of  student employment opportunities including graduate assistantships, teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Please explore the various opportunities below to learn more.  

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistants are service based employment opportunities. Many positions include office support roles within units such as admissions, career services, orientation, student conduct, residence life, housing operations, and the office of marketing and communication. Graduate Assistant position openings are usually posted within Handshake and can be viewed once you have confirmed your enrollment. The majority of positions are posted between April and August. We encourage you to visit and follow the University of Hartford's On-Campus Employment Profile to continually look for new opportunities.

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants provide support to faculty through various activities including teaching courses (with the support of a faculty member), grading coursework, hosting review sessions, and supporting student academic success in courses. Teaching assistants, also known as teaching interns, are a vital part of our academic community. 

Research Assistants

Research assistants, or research interns, support faculty research on campus. Research may be program or faculty lead and such opportunities teach our graduate students to learn about research based practices, how to engage and assist in the implementation of research. 

The University of Hartford has established admission partnerships with several regional companies including EdAssity by Bright Horizons, Aetna/CVS Health, Carrier (formerly UTC), Comcast, Frontier, Pfizer, Yale New Haven Health System, Connecticut Children's Medical Center, Cigna, Eversource, Hartford Health Care, Kaman, Masonicare, The Hartford, and Travelers.

Partnerships include tuition reduction benefits for participating employers.

The Bursar’s Office is available to assist you with billing questions, payment information, and payment plan options once you are registered. We encourage you to view our current payment options in preparation for your studies.