Hawk Alumni Scholarship

We want our Hawks to continue to soar....

image is of two alumni at hawktober

That is why we have created a scholarship for alumni to attend UHart for their graduate studies. We want to be a continued destination in your educational journey!

Our graduate students are an important part of our learning community, and with an alumni network of over 85,000, we want to provide an opportunity for your continued personal and professional growth as a University of Hartford Hawk. 

The Hawk Alumni Scholarship provides a scholarship equivalent to a 25% tuition discount for all UHart alumni entering select master’s degree programs beginning in the spring 2022 term. 

Eligible Programs of Study

The Hawk Alumni Scholarship is available for the following Master’s programs:

Hawk Alumni Scholarship Details

Application Information

Students interested in participating in the Hawk Alumni Scholarship must:

Scholarship Eligibility

  • The Hawk Alumni Scholarship is open to all University of Hartford alumni. 
  • The scholarship will start with entry into the Spring 2022 term.
  • The scholarship will automatically renew until students complete their program of study, as long as they maintain satisfactory academic standing.
  • The Office of Student Financial Aid will complete an official review of a student's file to determine eligibility for this award. The Hawk Alumni Tuition Discount cannot be combined with any other non-need based award offers (academic scholarships, Graduate Assistantship Benefits, Tuition Abatement etc.) as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.