Allen Library Construction Project

As of June 29, 2021, this project is complete. All materials and equipment have been restored to their proper locations and are fully accessible to users.

During June 2021, there will be a construction project to repair Allen Library shelving. Access to Allen materials and spaces will be impacted during this time.


  • When is this happening? Approximately June 1-26, 2021. Some materials will be temporarily moved May 17.
  • Will Allen stay open? Allen will be open for reduced summer hours, and staff will also be available to assist users online.
  • Can we study in Allen, or use the computers, printer, scanner, and rooms when Allen is open? The large study tables will not be available, and Allen will be noisy. Users may wish to find spaces and computing elsewhere in the building.
  • Can you pull materials for me? Yes! Request materials online via our Takeout Service, by phone (860.768.4491), in person at the Allen front desk, or by email ( We’ll get the items and set up a pick-up time for you.
  • Can I get materials myself? Many items will be temporarily moved outside of Allen (down the hall), and you can help yourself or ask staff for help. Other materials will require retrieval by staff or guest access by appointment. A small portion will be inaccessible to anyone during construction hours, but can be retrieved by staff after 4:30 p.m. Plan ahead!

Where will materials be located?

In Allen, mostly available*

Down the hall from Allen, ok to help yourself or ask us

In Allen, but staff have to assist**

After 4:30 p.m. weekdays, staff can retrieve

Course reserves

Current periodicals

Equipment (laptops, etc.)

Books and Bound journals

except these →






Oversize items

MZ1–MZ379 and all oversize books


Mini scores



* Staff may need to assist you during construction hours, until 4:30 p.m. some days.

** Staff can pull materials for you or can accompany you into area during Allen hours.

About the Repair

Since the initial installation, some of Allen's mobile shelving has shifted out of alignment. Consequently, some rows cannot be moved to allow full access to every aisle. During the project, materials in the affected section (books and vocal music) will be temporarily relocated out of Allen, down the hall. Next, the shelving carriages and rails will be removed, and any underlying issues addressed. Then the floor will be rebuilt, and carriages will be re-installed with added stability features. Finally, the materials will be moved back into Allen.

Have other questions about the project?

Contact Lisa Wollenberg or Tracey Rudnick.